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Qigong Meditation and Healing

Qigong meditation can result in profound changes in ones' mental and physical condition that facilitates healing.  Achieving these changes that foster improvement health are fostered by your intent, perseverance and repetition of the meditations.   The positive effects of these attitudes and intentions are cumulative in the path towards improved health.   If you are following your breath, eventually it will integrate into your way of life and you will trust the next breath and the ones that follow.   Place your trust in the process and let the flow bring you to a better place and allow you to open up to new possibilities within.

You can learn a lot of techniques, as it has been said that there are over 10,000 different practices within qigong.  Going deep within your practice requires patience so that you can really familiarize yourself with the interior aspects that can be achieved.  I have know several people who are skilled in a variety of external movement styles, but they have not developed the interior energy connections that integrate the movements and help facilitate healing. 

This site discusses general approaches and advice for getting the most out of your qigong practice.  Qigong can be a confusing subject, as there are many different sources of information available.  It is also relatively new to most people, at least as it is compared to the practice of yoga.  Helpful guidelines are given that can help your progress faster and live a more healthy and energetic life!